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We try our best to earn our customers' trust.
Every step in the manufacturing processis monitored to ensure the highest standard of quality.

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Production process

Drawing the reed

Drawing the reed which adjusts the density of the warp.

  • The yarns are put into a slit, one-by-one by hand.


Making the screen with warp and weft.

  • The drum of yarn is set.

  • Weft is reeled.

  • There are several weavings to produce several kinds of screens.

  • The biggest machine is capable of producing screens of 3600mm width.

  • Lastly it is heat-treared.

  • We have competent engineers to adjust the machine.


All screens are inspected before shipping.

  • The inspection room.

  • All screens are inspected by eye.

  • We have expart inspectors.

  • After inspection, the screens are cut at the requlation size.


Screens are put into a cardboard box and banded together to be stored before shipping out.

  • Screens are put into a cardboard box.

  • The screens are stored in the warehouse.

  • The screens are being shipped out.

Design & Quality control

Designing new products and developing technology to control and improve quality.

  • Inspector examines the product.

  • The product control room.