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Horticultural therapist brought us seedlings

Last Tuesday a lady came to our office and asked us that if there were some screens which would be on the scrap. We usually have to dispose of screens which cannot be used as insect screens on the windows and doors after inspecting all the screen manifactured at our factory.

So I said to her “yes we have, I will show you where we keep them”, and she introduced herself as a horticultural therapist and she would like to use them as a protection of vegetables from birds in the fields of kindergartens and nursery schools where she goes to teach horticulture.

She talks about vegetables and flowers, how to grow them up, how children loves grow them up and looking forward to harvesting them. I could tell that she loves vegetables and flowers so much and loves to open up the world of horticulture to a lot of people.

She took our scrap screens and she gave us marigold in flower bowls in return for our scrap screens.

Hortictulture therapist gave it to us

Also she said to me that she could bring other seedlings if I liked to grow them up. I said that is lovely as I have 2 children who loves playing with mud or sand or whatever in outside, they must be happy to grow?plants up by their hands.

She once went back?home and came back again to give us? seedlings of marigold, Zinnia elegans,??Everlasting daisy, and popcorn!

Horticulture thetapist gave us seedlings

And I shared them with my colleagues and brought some home.

I put them on flower bowl

I finished potting them into flower bowls with ?my chidren.



We visited Philippines on Jan.

Our president & sales staff Akane visited Philippines to meet our partner & customers on January.

we- visited-philippines

It was a good opportunity to visit there to see them face to face, feel the atmosphere of Philippines in our own bones, visited some places for study, and we are surprised to see lots of traffic jams in Manila!!!

The way to use insect screens in Philippines are different from the way in Japan, we use them as exterior screens with sashes on the windows so that we can see them from outside of houses, but in Philippines insect screens are used inside of houses as screen curtains so that we cannot see them from outside of houses.

We would like to have a chance to see how insect screens are used in Philippine houses.



It is snowing all the day in Toyama

It is said that this season is the warm winter, however, here in Toyama, it is snowing all day long today.? We wanted to clean our insect screens on windows but couldn’t do that. We need to wait until spring comes.


By the way, do you know that is the most popular way to play with snow in Japan?


Many loves making igloo, a small snow house.

Many loves snowmen or characters like Olaf.

Many loves snowball fights.

Many loves ride on a sleigh.

Children enjoy just playing on the snow!




From inside of buildings, we can see the snow falling over the window and insect screen.


It-is-snowing2 It-is-snowing1

Housecleaning at the end of a year

It is middle of December and it’s almost at the close of a year now, isn’t it?

Here in Toyama, it gets colder and colder day by day but I feel it is warmer than these season in past years.

My car’s already put winter?tires but it hasn’t snow yet this year except for mountains in Toyama.

Mt.Tate, which stands on our prefecture, looks very pretty with white snows on its ranges which is getting whiter day by day.


In Japan, we have a custom to do the general housecleaning at the end of a year.

It is called Oosoji (literally it means “Big cleaning”) and we clean very closely everywhere in our houses. It originally from the religious ceremony to welcome a god of a new year.


It is said that each household or family has a god of the household. Every year a new god comes to your house to watch your good health and happiness for a year. In order to welcome the god of the coming year, we prepare ourselves by cleaning our house thoroughly and decorating our house. The house cleaning usually takes place around December 13.


How about other countries?

I heard in China people do housecleaning before Chinese new year in Feb.

In UK, USA, Germany, France, people call “Spring cleaning” and they do on spring.

I would like to know how about other countries.


Next time, I will write about how to clean up insect screens on the windows next week.



Our president & staff went to?Singapore for a business trip and took some pictures.

1445822103934 1445822108430

There were cute buidings with colourful circular stairs there.


It’s a picture of city, but because of Indonesia’s burning land, it is so smoky.


Found a statue of Ganesha at a museum.

Ganesha?is the Hindu Elephant-Deity which reminds me of a book which our president recommended.

“The elephant which makes your dream come true” which is a book of self-improvement.

In the story, Ganesha,?fantasied god who?helps a young man to improve himself to success??as a business man.??I liked the story.



The Oncoming of Autumn

I went to see around our company during?a lunch break to find something which makes me feel “Autumn”.

I heard quite?a few British friends?told me?they liked Autumn the best, or Autumn is the best season in?UK, so after coming back from London, I try to find things which let me feel seasons in Japan also. I found Japan is also good place to feel seasons, and I like Autunn?in Japan, too.

Our company is located around?a border between cites, Tonami & Takaoka which is west side of Toyama prefecture. It’s a good environment with field, near the river of Sho, beautiful air, and there are some wild blue herons?live around here.

Let me show you some photos here.

DSC_2463 DSC_2460

Trees of Japanese persimmons.


A rice field after harvested.

DSC_2479 DSC_2472

These are not autumn flowers but were beautiful with yellow.

Now time for work again!

Business trip to Singapore

We are going to visit Singapore again this month.

We will be there on 21st & 22nd Oct.


This picture was taken last month when visiting Singapore.

If you have any interests in our window screens and frame accessories like pile weather seals,

please let us know? by sending message from “contact us” .



During the stay in Singapore, our company president and designing manager went to see Merlion.






BEX Asia 2014-No.3

We, Sankei Net INC. is exhibiting our insect screens at Build Eco Expo Asia 2014 (BEX Asia 2014), one of the biggest exhibitions in Southeast Asia which is for building and architectural materials which is held until today, 3rd of Sept.

Our president Mr. Yoshida was interviewed by AsiaX at the venue. (In Japanese)

He replied that “Standard insect screen is 18 mesh, but we offer the special insect screen which we call “Luxury screen”, that used half density base yarn and it is 33 mesh so that it gives you clearer view and better air through.”

Addition to that using insect screen is valuable preventive measure for Dengue, as it prevent mosquitos from coming into our houses.

We started to supply our insect screen to outside of Japan, with wishing that people all over the world where the insect screen is not common now start using insect screen. That will protect people from disease through insects like mosquitos.

BEX Asia 2014 is being held at MBS in Singapore now

BEX Asia 2014 is being held at MBS in Singapore now.


We are now participating in BEX Asia 2014, one of the biggest exhibitions in Southeast Asia which is for building and architectural materials, we are exhibiting our insect screens there.

IMG_20140901_100837 IMG_20140901_100846


Our president Mr. Yoshida and designing manager Mr. Hiraki are there to welcome guests.

We are very pleased to meet many people who are interested in our insect screens, especially our Luxury screen which gives you clear view like no screens but it protect mosquito and other insects to come in the house.

If you have a chance to visit Singapore until Tomorrow and interested in it, please visit BEX Asia’s website below and register there.

BEX Asia 2014:?

Time : 10 : 00 AM – 7:00 PM (1,2 September)

10: 00 AM – 6:00 PM (3 September)

Venue : Marina Bay Sands Convention, Singapore

Halls A ? B


IMG_20140901_100856 (1)IMG_20140901_100907 (1)