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How to replace the screen

We will show you how to change the screen.

This is video which show you how to replace the insect screen by DIY.

You need to prepare


・Screen roller ・Cutter ・Awl ・Brush (Toothbrush)


・Insect screen ・Screen rope

How to replace the screen

Take the frames off from the window.
Use an awl to carefully remove the screen rope from the frames.
Clean up the channel with a brush.
Next step is to put in the new screen.
Do not cut it first, put it on to the frames with about a 10cm overlap.
Cut two lengths of rope for both height and width.
Beginning with the longest dimension first, tuck the screen in with the lengths of rope with using the screen roller.
Fix the other side next, while controlling it with your hand, in order not to make it too tight.
After the 2 longest sides have been fixed, fix the shorter sides one by one with the screen roller in the same fashion.
After fixing the screen with the rope completely, cut the unused portion.
It’s done!