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History of screens and our company

We have used mosquito nets (bed nets) before the screens for doors and windows were created.
The mosquito nets were of very ancient origin, they come down to Japan from China before the Nara Period (710-794).
They were a luxury item for only upper-class people before and during Edo Period (1603-1868), latter that Period, they became popular among ordinary people.
During that periods, the material of mosquito nets were mainly linen, and that of being made from synthetic fiber showed up on 1960s.
On this decade a production of mosquito nets was on the peak but it didn’t stay long there and it headed straight downhill.
They were “Sashes” , a kind of window frames which showed up instead of mosquito nets in 1960s.
With them, insect screens also became popular.
Around 1970, Sashes are used on houses for ordinary people, screens were also set on the houses.
Nowadays screens are set on 99% of Japanese people’s houses.
Our company, Sankei net was established by a person who was a managing director of a textile company in 1970s, receiving a request from a major architectural products manufacturer here in Toyama as a specialist of manufacturer of screens and stable and high quality supply.

Kinds of screen material

Vinylidene chloride, Chloroethene (PVC) were used in past, and there are other kinds such as stainless-steel, fiberglass and Polypropylene nowadays.
Our recommend is polypropylene made in Japan which is developed with cutting-edge technology, and which is light and provides good performance.

Our mission

We wish people all over the world discover how useful the screen is and take it into their life also.
If everybody in the world uses screens to catch a natural breeze to cool down, it is good for nature, good to prevent Global Warming, and good for our lives.
Reduction of energy to protect earth, that is our duty.
We believe that supplying our products to the world will contribute to the sustainable society.