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Horticultural therapist brought us seedlings

Last Tuesday a lady came to our office and asked us that if there were some screens which would be on the scrap. We usually have to dispose of screens which cannot be used as insect screens on the windows and doors after inspecting all the screen manifactured at our factory.

So I said to her “yes we have, I will show you where we keep them”, and she introduced herself as a horticultural therapist and she would like to use them as a protection of vegetables from birds in the fields of kindergartens and nursery schools where she goes to teach horticulture.

She talks about vegetables and flowers, how to grow them up, how children loves grow them up and looking forward to harvesting them. I could tell that she loves vegetables and flowers so much and loves to open up the world of horticulture to a lot of people.

She took our scrap screens and she gave us marigold in flower bowls in return for our scrap screens.

Hortictulture therapist gave it to us

Also she said to me that she could bring other seedlings if I liked to grow them up. I said that is lovely as I have 2 children who loves playing with mud or sand or whatever in outside, they must be happy to grow?plants up by their hands.

She once went back?home and came back again to give us? seedlings of marigold, Zinnia elegans,??Everlasting daisy, and popcorn!

Horticulture thetapist gave us seedlings

And I shared them with my colleagues and brought some home.

I put them on flower bowl

I finished potting them into flower bowls with ?my chidren.