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Housecleaning at the end of a year

It is middle of December and it’s almost at the close of a year now, isn’t it?

Here in Toyama, it gets colder and colder day by day but I feel it is warmer than these season in past years.

My car’s already put winter?tires but it hasn’t snow yet this year except for mountains in Toyama.

Mt.Tate, which stands on our prefecture, looks very pretty with white snows on its ranges which is getting whiter day by day.


In Japan, we have a custom to do the general housecleaning at the end of a year.

It is called Oosoji (literally it means “Big cleaning”) and we clean very closely everywhere in our houses. It originally from the religious ceremony to welcome a god of a new year.


It is said that each household or family has a god of the household. Every year a new god comes to your house to watch your good health and happiness for a year. In order to welcome the god of the coming year, we prepare ourselves by cleaning our house thoroughly and decorating our house. The house cleaning usually takes place around December 13.


How about other countries?

I heard in China people do housecleaning before Chinese new year in Feb.

In UK, USA, Germany, France, people call “Spring cleaning” and they do on spring.

I would like to know how about other countries.


Next time, I will write about how to clean up insect screens on the windows next week.